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 A quick look at the

chapter topics.

Table of Contents

Chapter I:        Book Overview 22
Chapter II:       Observations and Commentaries 42
Chapter III:     American Religion 56
Chapter IV:     America's Record in Dealing with  
                       Black Americans 70
Chapter V:      In the Beginning 84
Chapter VI:     The Hundredth Monkey 90
Chapter VII: The Making of a Slave 98
Chapter VIII: The Civil War and Reconstruction 128
Chapter IX: The New Slavery 138
Chapter X: Thank God for Television 152
Chapter XI:     The Cycle Repeats 158
Chapter XII:    Where Do We Go From Here? 166


Twelve Important Questions "America the Racist?" will answer about Racism in America...


1.  Why the issue of slavery was a deal breaker in the creation and signing of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution since many of the founding fathers endorsed slavery or owned slaves.

2.  Why the issue of slavery was so important that over six-hundred thousand (600,000) Americans died in the Civil War.

3.  Why the 2016 Presidential Election has removed the scab from the festering sore of racism that has never been resolved.

4.  Why all Americans in general and black Americans specifically should be concerned about the Trump Presidency and the Republican Agenda.

5.  Why American Christians have perpetuated racism, segregation and separation.

6.  What the Bible has to say about the spiritual impact of slavery on the future existence of America.

7.  How sex, economics and politics have been at the core of American racism, discrimination, and injustice; impacting every facet of American life from sports to law enforcement, from military service to the color of God.

8.  Why black Americans rarely form partnerships in business and find difficulty working together.

9.  How the white slave master captured, broke the spirit and institutionalized the vicious, vulgar process employed in the Making of a Slave.

10.  How the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon applies to slavery and impacts the condition and behavior of black and white Americans in the past and present.

11.  Why the power of television and the internet are  the most important tools in showing the truth and hypocrisy of America racism to the world.

12.  Does America have the moral authority to promote liberty, justice and freedom to other countries while racism undermines the liberty, justice and freedom of black Americans?


Only $16.95

* A Must Read for white and black Americans as racism dominates the 2016 election.

* A concise, easy to read, historical, spiritual, and psychological treatment of Racism in America Its causes, evolution, and possibilities for the future.

* Once we understand why we are where we are as a nation, then we are better equipped  to determine what must be done to become the “one Nation under God”  described in Dr. King’s dream and the Pledge of Allegiance.

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